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It’s here: #iSnapSF Field Journal

February 6th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized


Travis Jensen and I are proud to announce the release of #iSnapSF Photo Journal. We’ve been doing a ton of iPhone street and portraiture shooting in San Francisco and thought it would be nice sharing some of our best photos.

We designed #iSnapSF in the form of a field journal. The design speaks to shooting on the street, collecting photos, and writing personal notes about the captured images. Its organization was inspired by Robert Frank’s book Come Again, and Laura Wilson’s Avedon at Work. Those are two of my favorite photo books and I thought it would be great creating #iSnapSF drawing from the best attributes of both.

Like our previous photo journal¬†Tenderloin USA, all proceeds beyond printing costs go directly to Larkin Street Youth Services. They’re an amazing San Francisco-based non-profit organization that helps at-risk youth aged 12-24 living on the street.

Please Click Here to view the #iSnapSF Photo Journal news release and information about our upcoming exhibition and reception.

Or Click Here to directly preview or purchase the journal. Thanks for looking!

  1. 3 Responses to “It’s here: #iSnapSF Field Journal”

  2. By Kyle on Feb 7, 2012

    I’m curious which app for the iPhone you use while shooting street photography. Thanks.

  3. By Brad E on Feb 7, 2012

    Kyle the app is Hipstamatic…

  4. By Kyle on Feb 10, 2012

    Thanks Brad.

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