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A Street Photography Manifesto?

September 16th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized


Yikes! Street photography how/what to shoot proclamations and even a Street Photography Manifesto for other photographers to follow? Ugh, no thanx. My camera, my pixels, I’ll snap whatever suits me. Your camera, your pixels/emulsion, you shoot what rings your bells. It’s all good. The genre is secure and not under attack. Honest!

It really is funny watching all of the hand wringing going on about what “street photography” is, and isn’t…

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  2. By Lex on Sep 21, 2013

    Looking back several years, I have to laugh at myself for my own rigid notions about street photography. Now I feel like I’m always learning, hopefully growing, but never really knowing.

  3. By Brad E on Sep 22, 2013

    For sure, Lex. Same here on holding rigid views about street shooting in the past. I’ve learned that it’s all good (candids, posed street portraits, documentary, etc) and not even necessarily about always taking photos. For me it’s an exploration and learning about the rhythm/energy/dynamics found on the street. A camera is a convenient admission ticket of sorts to piecing it together, documenting associations visually, engaging people for their views, stories, and portraits, but still feeling I’ve only scratched the surface. Always something to learn out there. Never ending…

  4. By Mark L on Nov 11, 2013

    Yeah you’re right…I usually shoot beauty/fashion portraits, but I’ve been trying street with varying degrees of “success”…if it was degrees Celsius we’d all be in trouble. Nevertheless I battle on regardless and try to shoot interesting people or places or things. Fared better when I left the dslr at home and took out the X100. But that’s another story…! Cheers..Mark in Oz

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